The label

Lila&Johns collections are essentially easy to wear, comfortable and unisex. DIsplaying a sense of urbanity, snugness and vitality. Based on the idea of individual collections, Lila&John puts much of its focus on the composition and design of the fabrics. A detailed and delicate process where color and yarn are equally as relevant as processing and technique.

The Designer

Lila John worked professionally with textiles and clothes for the first time as a dresser and costume assistance on movie sets and at theatre productions. The Viennese then did her bachelor's degree at the University of Artistic and Industrial Design Linz/Austria in fashion design under the creative leadership of fabrics interseason__. After graduating in 2010 Lila John got an internship at the Antwerp-based fashion label "pelican avenue" founded by Carolin Lerch in Belgium. Her stay was extended as Lila got the opportunity to work as the company's assistant. Back in Vienna she was selected to Bernhard Wilhelm's class at the University of Applied Arts. During her study she began working independently on her bags and backpacks. In 2016 she graduated under Hussein Chalayan and started to work as a freelancer in the fashion industry.