about colors and design

Knitwear is a craft and its amazing for many reasons. I can choose the material, color, design, shape and feel while creating a garment without waste. 
Once I have decided on the yarn, I begin to play with colors. My colors and color combinations are strong, particular choices which are to be separated from the seasonal dictation of the market. The color palate is often the starting point of the whole collection. 

I like to choose colours that harmonise and add those that are disharmonious. This creates tension and emotion. There are color combinations that undermine each other and combinations that empower each other. I like that there are warm colors and cold colors, soft colors and strong colors. I believe that each persons has colors that can support their beauty, that empower them. So colors not only give strength to other colors but to humans as well.  

A other very important part of making a collection is for me the creation of the structure and shape. I love the tactility a garment can have. Knitwear allows me to shape the garment directly and to create a three dimensional surface. It is a sensual experience. Therefor I love natural materials and the comfort and feeling it gives to your skin.

The different weight on the body will influence the movement of the body and your self-awareness. It can make you feel strong or protected or gracile or feminine or empowered or all of this at the same time.

Mostly inspired by every day life I tend to mix street culture with historical references and the beauty of nature. It can be a energetic group of youngster on the basketball court, a mesmerizing exhibition of an ancient painter or a fascinating mushroom that fill me with joy and imagination.