about the label

Since its launch, LILA&JOHN has been constantly evolving. In 2021 I decided to focus exclusively on knitwear. But the essence remains the same: sustainable, fair and bold design. 

LILA&JOHN creates supreme colorful, versatile knitwear with an urban touch. My garments can be worn as a tracksuit with trainers or styled with high heels and a satin tuxedo jacket. All you have to do is throw the suit jacket over the sports outfit and you are ready to go out. 

My collections aim to empower people of all ages, backgrounds and sizes and nourish their inner strength and beauty. I create a wardrobe for people who don’t fit into boxes. LILA&JOHN is made to be worn and shared by real people in real cities. People who push boundaries to create an open minded space for themselves and others. People who give themselves by opportunity to grow by avoiding a clear allocation.

From my personal and intimate point of view, I design and explore, by quoting, transforming and interpreting, both contemporary urban culture and historical heritage in a playful way. Combining craftsmanship with casual silhouettes and androgynous shapes, my collections provide an easy to wear look for great comfort. I am joyously embracing these ingredients to create a set of desirable clothes for the times we currently live in.

Knitwear does not put the body under tension or constrain it, but adapts to the anatomy. I use this asset and have a clear look on material, fit and fabrication.

The color combinations and the selection of the yarn are key choices aiming for a specific comfort and feeling on the body. The goal is to feel comfortable and confident, while contributing to a sustainable world: all yarns are sustainably sourced and biodegradable.