organic yarns

I care for the planet and its recourses. Therefor I solely choose yarns that are produced in Italian mills, which joined the "color for life" and "detox" agreement supporting respect for mankind and environmental and economical sustainability. 

 Our Lyocell is made from eucalyptus trees that don't need much water, any pesticides, or even healthy soil, it's an environmentally friendly material. It also takes less water to produce than cotton and 99% of the chemicals used in the processing can be recovered and recycled. This ecological fibre is soft and smooth to the touch and eliminates moisture. It also has the exceptional ability to adapt to temperature fluctuations. 

 Our organic cotton is certified by ICEA and GOTS which means that it is natural grown with methods that combine old and new knowledge to reduce the impact of the agricultural activities on the environment and the health of the farmers. It guarantees social equity and respect of the workers basic right all along the production chain, recognizing correct salaries and respectable environmental conditions. It ensures that the dyeing technologies and process reduce pollution and preserve the water resources and guarantee non-toxicity in contact with skin.