New Lookbook

The 'It's Not Over, Till It's Over' lookbook is the first collaboration between Lila & John and the Brussels based photographer Yaqine Hamzaoui.

On a freezing winterday we climbed the highest rooftop we could find, in search of some blue skies and Summer vibes. Check out the tropical result  here.


All clothing: Lila & John
Photography: Yaqine Hamzaoui
Styling: Alban Ovanessian
Collages: Alban Ovanessian
Make up: Gustavo Vieira
Eyewear: Bidules
Print Design: Soso phist
Models: Milø, Audrey Mérilus, Synne Enoksen & Hyeonseok Lee
Thanks: Magali Coremans, Jonathan van Essche, Enzo Smits, Decoratelier, ...