• Relive Lila&John @ Manchester Plage in pictures and sound

    25th of July Lila & John joined forces with an amazing group of collaborators and artist to create an inspiring evening that merged fashion with music, flavors and self expression into a vibrant and unique experience.

  • VK Cour: Lila&John | Manchester Plage

    Lila & John and Vaartkapoen welcome you to a unique fashion experience at the Manchester Plage Festival on July 25th 2020.

    I'm happy to announce that Lila & John is one of the brands featured on the brand new #IKKOOPBELGISCH - #JACHETEBELGE website.
  • Matching Face masks for our customers

    To thank you for your support, and protect you against the Covid19 virus, a free matching face mask will be included when you buy something from th...
  • New Lookbook

    The 'It's Not Over, Till It's Over' lookbook is the first collaboration between Lila & John and the Brussels based photographer Yaqine Hamzaoui...
  • Mad Fly 2020

    LILA & JOHN is selected for the MAD FLY Business program. MAD FLY offers a personal mentoring program with professional experts to a selection...