the private dancers - a fashion performance at FLOW

Once again we aimed to bring you an evening that merged the world of fashion, performance and dance while showcasing an inspiring group of young talents.
On the 20th of August the FLOW turned into the stage for our archive fashion performance.
Imagine this: The setting is amazing. The water of the swimming pool has just the perfect temperature. The dancers are styled beautifully and ready to perform/ to relax / to interact/ to BE and to flow within their and your own imagination.
Fueled by the music of DJ Gilles who on his turn roots his decisions in the mutual sound desires the dancers share with him. Inspired by a wardrobe full of LILA&JOHN designs, the dancers slipped into different sides of themselves and vitalized the versatile garments of the Brussels based fashion label.
The choreographer Simomo Bouj accepted the invitation by LILA&JOHN to create a fashion performance that was part of ZINNEMA’s summer program. 
Big thanks to all the collaborators: Rachad, Abir, Kassy, Alfie, Elise, Mo and Rémi
Also thanks to Cillian O'Neill for capturing this energetic moment:  
For the occasion ‘Gert Wessels’ made a design installation that served as a stage for the dancers, it was embedded in the unique setting of the temporary swimming pool project FLOW. by Pool is Cool and Decoratelier Brussels.